Karnataka police introduce state-of-art data center

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R. Ashoka, deputy chief minister for home and transport, inaugurates the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System at the office of the director general of police in Bangalore on Tuesday.

The state police department launched a scheme called Sakala on Tuesday that aims to provide 21 services under Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizen’s Act 2012.

According to the act, the citizens will now be provided a guarantee of services within the stipulated time limit.

S. Suresh Kumar, minister for urban development, law and parliamentary affairs, said: “The response to Sakala has been tremendous.”

“As on Nov. 20, more than four lakh requests have been received.”

The Police Computer Wing of Karnataka is also implementing a Rs.530 million project known as Crime and Criminal tracking network System (CCTNS).

This aims to improve daily interaction of people with the police department.

Praveen Sood, additional general of police, said: “HP India technology has been chosen to be the partner of the project for the next five years.”

Karnataka is the only state in the country where all the investigative records from first information reports to charge sheets and even up to court progress are maintained online in real time. This means any document related to investigation—FIRs, witness statements, case diaries, charge sheets and so on—can be accessed by authorized officers by the click of button in real time, anytime, anywhere. This empowers all the superior officers who can access these documents on a “need to know” basis in the shortest possible time.

Karnataka State police has unique distinction of having its own State Police Data Centre and wide area network called KSPWAN. All the crime records are stored in real time at its data center located at Madiawala.

The payment gateway, for instance, has provided an easy, economic and painless method of making payment of statutory fees for various police services. In the past three months, 30,000 citizens have utilized this facility.

After the success of payment gateway, the latest initiative of police computer wing is the creation of an SMS gateway. The gateway works for all 21 Sakala services as well as for the investigation of criminal cases. 

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